GC Open Cup Rules


á       What is the GC Open Cup all about?
In comparison to many other tournaments which tend to be commercially efficient the GC Open Cup is a vision of me, existing without a high expenditure or sponsors, although reaching some quality and giving fun to all participants.

á       Why should you play in the GC Open Cup?
Every StarCraft 2 player should agree that fun is the most motivating part of playing the game – this fun isnŐt reachable without at least a 32 player grid because the tournament flair canŐt arise as far as I can see.
The more people play the more known the tournament gets.

á       How did the rules change? Do you have something to consider?

o   Implementing of GC points and starting the GC Open Cup season 2014

o   10€ price money for the winner

o   If you have trouble with bad mannered behaviors please upload the replay at www.ggtracker.com and send us its link. The replay will be analyzed by an admin shortly after we get access to it.
If you have trouble with someone during a break via the battle.net chat please send us a screenshot, showing the bad manner clearly. Otherwise the screenshot will be ignored.

o   New ingame chat rules:

¤  Insults and / or bad mannered behavior directly counts as a loss for the next map played. An example for that: If you lost your first map of a best of three and you flame youŐll be out of the tournament with a 0:2 loss.

¤  Discussions or longer conversations via the ingame chat beyond a break are unwanted. Glhf and gg (and variations, e.g. wp or gl) are allowed.

¤  A break can just be arranged by typing pp and  / or sec into the chat. A reason for the break is not necessary. An absence upwards of 5 minutes ingame with or without a reason given results in a loss on the played map.

o   Casters are allowed to join a lobby before it starts; other players not being casters or playing the map arenŐt allowed to join lobbies at all. Chosen casters are referee so if there are any problems the players can communicate with them.

o   All races are allowed (random, too!).
A race switch is not allowed at any given time.

o   If a player brakes the rules the first time he gets a warning. With that he loses all of his GC Points won at the warned stage of the season. At the second warning he gets banned from the whole current season.

á       Which rules apply to the GC Open Cup season 2014 given from the tournaments before?

o   The afk rule decribes a loss given to you if youŐre away for 15 minutes or longer without having your opponent and an organizer given a reason for the absence between the rounds. If they know from your absence you got 20 minutes of time.

o   The disc rule describes a disconnection of a player ingame – after the reconnect of the player the game has to be restarted from the last point of the replay via the Ňrecover gameÓ feature. If the player disconnected canŐt reconnect in 15 minutes or less he loses the series.

To the quarter finals only best of ones are played. The quarter and half finals and the maps for the third place are decided each by one best of three. The final is the only match that is played in best of five-mode.

Price money / GC Points
rank 1: 25 GC Points – 10€
rank 2: 21 GC Points
rank 3: 17 GC Points
rank 4: 13 GC Points
rank 5-8: 7 GC Points

You can find a compact version of the rules on http://binarybeast.com/xHotS1407270.
A violation of rules can be punished by the disqualification of the currently running GC Open Cup Season.
As we implemented the GC Points this GC Open Cup season we are aiming for a ro16 season final to round up the price pool for this season to 100 Euro in total. Furthermore we are aware of people rather getting their price money directly on their PayPal account than via a paysafecard. If PayPal is not an option you can still get a key instead. You can find the updated GC Point ranking of the current season like all the rules on

If you still got questions that arenŐt answered here, please contact me on my European battle.net account.

Finally, I thank all players and the viewers for participating in the GC Open Cup Season 2014. This wouldnŐt be possible without you. Have fun!

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